Our commitment starts with a thorough selection of only the best edible seeds, procured in close cooperation with local and professional long-term partners from around the world. We continuously monitor and check upon our products throughout the successive phases of the supply chain and from the initial analysis at the intake of the raw materials until its final delivery. 

Our state-of-the-art processing lines are designed to treat and process products in a manner as specifically been required for. Their unique set-up guarantees compliance with the highest standards in food safety and with no compromises whatsoever on the organoleptic qualities of the products. Dedicated packing preserves the flawless condition of our edible seeds. 

Customers’ requests will be fully matched by means of tailormade supply arrangements. The contracted products can either be picked up at our warehouses or delivered at any given location based on just-in-time conditions. Deliveries made from our owned warehouses secure both a high level of logistical flexibility as well as excellent terms and conditions in food safety control. 

Red River – Van Eck is a proud member of the Acomo Group. The companies of Acomo trade under their own name and for their own account. To a great extent they operate autonomously under the responsibility of their own management and financial control. The combined product range comprises more than 600 products.


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